Paradise at the super market

Paradise at the super market
No longer my job to worry

All the blues and reds.
I can stand for hours

Cold air section

Kaleidoscope of
Plastic lids

So many words not to read
So much protection
So much life

Frozen fat
Chocolate heart

Smiling women
Choices carved in cheese

The war on salad
Sacrificing vegetables

A house of bread
You are everywhere

Lemons and

Decoding their message

Stay away from that
Can you help me?

I can do this myself

The collards are clean
They whisk through me
Like a wire brush

It’s so good to live
When you’re tired.

The store is like a painting

So cheap
So much to take in

Not to worry love of my life
We will be together soon

Making the rubble bounce

An endless adventure

Warmth escaped
By a thousand airport blankets

Journey inspired by
A well rehearsed outburst

Owl tree
By the side of the road

Making the rubble bounce
Learning the small moves


Magic wheel danger mouse
Sport war
safe trap

Twerking the dream

Guarding spaces Left for fire trucks

A closet in paradise.
Full of conviction
Spell check

Ignore the walkers
We all wake the same

All put on our reflective parts
One leg at a time

The cars line up

Cutting and baking
The content

Pinning butterflies
At the grocery store

Not solely speaking
To the
Masterbators and the

not just waving
At the walkers.

A mansion in hell
Sense of humor
Yoga position

Guarding spaces
Left for fire trucks

A training camp for guards.
A place safe to love

Beneath yellow paint
And chrome

Span time With mixed company

Scare things
Scare yourself

Be more than angry
Be more than cool

Span time
With mixed company
That are the
Thoughts in your head

Spill your guts
On the battlefield
A balloon
filled with water

Wave at strangers
Let them know
you’re okay

Constantly pulling
The covers up.

Wave at strangers
Let them know
They’re okay

I love you for what you say.
for what you do.
Your limited revisions.
All the beautiful

A sack of warm
Sliding to
the butcher’s Table

A frozen bag of peas

I rush to the medicine chest
For you
though we know
There’s nothing
there will help

Learning the grooves
If each record
Each new morning
Dig bark
Bird song

You might just make it after all.

You might just make it after all.

You just might make it after all.

You might make just after it all.

You all just might make it after.

You make it just after all might.

You after all just might make it.

You make might just after it all.

You just might all make it after.

You all might just make it after.

You after all might just make it.

Planting seeds in The bloodless scars

Strike it from your mind
Burn it out with cold

Fire keeps us safe from
The animals
Fire in the house
Makes warmth and smoke.

Suicidal hearth

Stop worshiping the paper
Stop burning down the house.

Equality is irrelevant in space
Paygrounds and jungles
Squirrels do not cock their barrels

Guns are the power
Raking the backs of the powerless

Planting seeds in
The bloodless scars

Wrapping meat with
Hats and gloves

We listen
we smile
We feed the ducks

They swim away
Bellies full of our old bread.
More beautiful
On the horizon