Span time With mixed company

Scare things
Scare yourself

Be more than angry
Be more than cool

Span time
With mixed company
That are the
Thoughts in your head

Spill your guts
On the battlefield
A balloon
filled with water

Wave at strangers
Let them know
you’re okay

Constantly pulling
The covers up.

Wave at strangers
Let them know
They’re okay

I love you for what you say.
for what you do.
Your limited revisions.
All the beautiful

A sack of warm
Sliding to
the butcher’s Table

A frozen bag of peas

I rush to the medicine chest
For you
though we know
There’s nothing
there will help

Learning the grooves
If each record
Each new morning
Dig bark
Bird song

You might just make it after all.

You might just make it after all.

You just might make it after all.

You might make just after it all.

You all just might make it after.

You make it just after all might.

You after all just might make it.

You make might just after it all.

You just might all make it after.

You all might just make it after.

You after all might just make it.

Planting seeds in The bloodless scars

Strike it from your mind
Burn it out with cold

Fire keeps us safe from
The animals
Fire in the house
Makes warmth and smoke.

Suicidal hearth

Stop worshiping the paper
Stop burning down the house.

Equality is irrelevant in space
Paygrounds and jungles
Squirrels do not cock their barrels

Guns are the power
Raking the backs of the powerless

Planting seeds in
The bloodless scars

Wrapping meat with
Hats and gloves

We listen
we smile
We feed the ducks

They swim away
Bellies full of our old bread.
More beautiful
On the horizon

My paper shoes are ripped

We wasted so much time
Fearing the unknowable

Stare into the eyes
See what will take you places

Crave new voices
Face the monsters
responsible For all the good music.
Hang out in the backstage

My paper shoes
are ripped

Feel the mud
Between my toes

Pointless are
The straps on my pack

empty buildings
heated and lit all night.

Hurting people I don’t know

It takes days to recover
From your visits.

I wear neon
To avoid
Being hit by cars.

In nature
Nothing is equal

Whistling helps fill
The empty space

The trains that fuel the trains
A safe place to jump
A warm place near
The tracks

I stand by this raging river

I stand by this raging river
I happily kneel to her power

There is no boat
There is no bottle

Dip a toe
I’m a feather in a snow storm

I will be here
Before the flood
I will be here

Walking up and down
The stairs

Studying the rocks
Or not

I will watch the river flow